Elevate Youth

Four-Fold Focus
Its our desire for Elevate students to develop into their full potential in Christ Jesus. We believe they can achieve great things by focusing on the Word of God, Prayer, Discipleship and Evangelism. Throughout the next school year, we will be focusing our efforts in developing each of these four areas in the lives of our students. The following is a brief summary of each area.

Word of God:
Each student will be given the opportunity to develop their understanding of Scripture and the vital role it plays in their development. Through Scripture memorization, reading through the bible and studying different texts, we believe they will gain a better understanding of who they are in Christ and the awesome God they serve. Knowing God and making Him known.

Prayer is a powerful weapon and a place where our students can connect with God. We want to teach our students about the incredible role that prayer plays in the life of the believer. We want to give our students opportunity to connect together in prayer during our services. Also, we will step our students through a process in developing a consistent and effective prayer life.

Each person is on a journey of becoming more like Christ. Practical application of our first two focuses scriptural understanding and prayer will be developed through teaching that will help our students put things into daily practice.

All three of our other focal point lead to the final, Evangelism. Jesus gave each of us the charge to go and make disciples. We believe that our other focuses will develop confidence in their relationship with Jesus and burn a passion in their hearts for others. We will look to give them tools through teaching them how to be a campus missionary in their schools and in their sphere of influence.